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It's been quiet here, I know. Though, not like my blog is highly trafficked in the first place. Anyways, I purchased a TYT MD-2017 a week after I wrote the last post. I followed that up with a ZUMspot hotspot I ordered from HRO to get into the world of DMR. Then using the hotspot kinda fell by the wayside, since I was having trouble getting it to work. Then I used said TYT MD-2017 in analog only, supporting the 2018/122nd Boston Marathon on only 3 hours sleep. (More about that in another post.) However, this has been a busy week for my by far. First, I purchased an Anytone AT-D868UV as part of a group purchase from the local ham club. I tried it down on Nahant Beach and was able to get in the Boston DMR repeater. (It helps that you can see the Boston skyline from Nahant, which is were the repeater is.) Then, I got a text from a co-worker. His grandfather, who is a ham, was going into a nursing home. He nor anyone else in the family is a ham, so they had to decide what to