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Hamvention 2022

Carl and Jim and the line for tickets Back in May, I went to my first Hamvention, the largest ham radio convention in the world, held in Xenia, Ohio. I was originally planning on going in 2020 with Jim, KB1KQW, as we were discussing at that year's Boston Marathon training but then COVID happened. I flew out of Boston Logan on May 19th with Jim to Columbus, Ohio, where we met up with former Massachusetts native Carl, N1FY, who had settled down there after traveling the world until COVID struck.  From there, we drove to Dayton and checked into a Doubletree hotel in Miamisburg, Ohio. Then the next day it was off to Hamvention! There I was inducted into SLARC among other things, met some new people and came across those I knew. I also got to tour DARA's clubhouse! All in all, a good time. We left on Sunday and drove back to Columbus, spent the night at Carl's and flew back home the next morning. I will definitely be going back next year!