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Field Day

From Saturday June 23 to Sunday June 24, I participated in my very first ARRL Field Day. I also helped set up for an hour on Friday the 22nd. Field Day is best summed up as an emergency preparedness exercise with a contest aspect to promote amateur radio to the general public. I participated in field with my local club, the North Shore Radio Association . It was held at Endicott Park in Danvers, Massachusetts. One of the attendees was Dr. Mark Patterson, WB2OIL from Northeastern University's Global Resilience Institute who was there to interview fellow hams on their opinions on Field Day and how it pertained to emergency response. Despite my limited time of being a ham, I still gave my input. We had a SSB voice station, along with two CW stations and new this year, an FT8 digital station. I only did operating on SSB voice, operating on 80 and 40 meters. I managed about 19 contacts. The club as a whole managed 2852 contacts. I enjoyed Field